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The solution for floating, technical and raised floors.

Our pedestals are perfect for external use and are a solution for projects in which floating, technical, and raised  floors are required.

We stock 4 pedestal variants that are adjustable between 37 and 220mm.

  • SP – 37mm-50mm
  • SP0 – 50mm-75mm
  • SP1 – 80mm-130mm
  • SP2 – 120mm-220mm

Our pedestals can be used with different accessories for higher inclination and sound absorption.

  • Immediate drainage between and under slabs
  • Resistant to weather, solvents and acids.
  • Services, drainage, conduits – all hidden under porcelain tiles
  • Resistance over 1,500kg
  • Simple installation

The optional silicone pad offers sound insulation and slip resistance and is made of elastomer material.

Another optional accessory is the slope regulator. These wedge-shaped discs allow adjustment in inclination at the base of the pedestal easily and quickly.

Several regulators can be coupled together to achieve a level finish where the substrate is uneven.

With each regulator, we can obtain maximum unevenness of 1.5%. 

For each regulator, the pedestal is lifted by 3 mm

Non-adjustable fixed pedestals are 10 and 15mm high. Can be fitted to each other to reach the height required and are compatible with pads and all adjustable pedestals. 

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